Is Fulton County a Good Place to Live?

Is Fulton County a Good Place to Live?

Finding the perfect place to live can be quite a challenge, especially with so many options out there. We’ve all spent time mulling over different neighborhoods and weighing what each has to offer.

Fulton County in Georgia, however, really caught our attention due to its diverse communities, top-notch schools, and exciting job prospects. In this blog post, we’re going to explore whether Fulton County might just be the ideal place for you to call home...

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The best places to live in Fulton County, GA


Overview of Fulton County

Fulton County, located in the state of Georgia, is known for its diverse economy and rich cultural heritage. With a mix of bustling cities and serene parks like the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, it offers something for everyone.


The economy in Fulton County, GA, is strong and diverse. Atlanta serves as a major economic hub within the county. The city has a median household income of $72,191. Many businesses thrive here—tech companies to entertainment industries boost local employment.

In Alpharetta, we find an even higher median household income at $109,123 and more expensive homes with prices around $507,500. Companies headquartered here provide ample job opportunities.

These elements combine to make Fulton County’s economy vibrant and growing steadily.

Atlanta is where some dreams find their wings.

Fulton County, Georgia | KNOWAtlanta - Atlanta's Relocation Guide


Health and Outdoors

Fulton County offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and green spaces. We have several parks, nature preserves, and recreational areas. Roswell stands out with its beautiful natural surroundings like rolling hills, forests, and the Chattahoochee River.

This makes it perfect for hiking, biking, fishing—and even kayaking.

In Johns Creek, we can enjoy the "Taste of Johns Creek" festival while exploring local trails. Sandy Springs has many scenic spots too. For those in Atlanta, GA there are places like Piedmont Park where families can picnic or play sports.

These options make Fulton County a great choice for health and outdoor enthusiasts!

Top Places to Live in Fulton County

Fulton County offers some of the best neighborhoods to call home. We’ll explore areas with great schools, parks, and community events… there's something for everyone!

Johns Creek

Johns Creek is one of the top places to live in Fulton County. The area boasts beautiful nature trails and parks, making it perfect for outdoor activities. Known for its excellent schools, Johns Creek attracts families looking for quality education.

The median household income here is impressive at $116,751. Housing costs are higher, with a median home price of $536,200. Despite this, many consider it worth the price due to the safe neighborhoods and strong sense of community.

We love exploring the mountain trails and scenic byways around Johns Creek.


Alpharetta boasts a median household income of $109,123. Its vibrant economy attracts many families and professionals. The city offers excellent schools and parks, making it great for outdoor activities.

Housing costs in Alpharetta are on the higher side with a median home price of $507,500. Despite that, it's worth considering due to the nice amenities and community vibe. Residents can enjoy shopping at Avalon or dining at various local restaurants.


Roswell, GA, offers a high quality of life with excellent amenities. The town has a population of 92,770 and holds a Niche Grade of A+++, making it appealing for families and professionals alike.

Median household income here is $85,748—quite impressive compared to other areas in the southeastern United States. Average home prices are around $421,500.

Residents enjoy many parks and outdoor activities. Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area provides great spots for picnics and kayaking. Historic Roswell Milladds charm with its scenic views and hiking trails.

Public schools perform well, contributing to an overall strong community vibe. It’s no wonder so many people consider Roswell one of the top places to live in Fulton County!


Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs offers a mix of urban and suburban vibes. We find diverse dining options, shopping centers, and recreational parks here. Proximity to Atlanta makes commuting easy for work or fun.

The cost of living in Sandy Springs is higher compared to other places in Georgia. But the quality of life makes it worth it. The median home price is around $571,300. The neighborhood also has good schools and plenty of job opportunities.


Moving from Sandy Springs, GA, to Milton offers a different vibe. This city is quieter and perfect for families who love space. The median household income in Milton hits $131,161.

Homes here aren’t cheap—median home prices reach $980,800! Despite the high costs, many people choose Milton for its good schools and safe neighborhoods. We feel at ease with strong law enforcement keeping us secure.

We enjoy outdoor activities thanks to numerous parks and trails. Families find peace in Milton’s green spaces—ideal for hiking or just enjoying nature. The community also hosts events that bring neighbors together, deepening local bonds...truly a great place to live!


Lifestyle and Amenities

Fulton County has an exciting mix of neighborhoods. Each offers unique shops, restaurants, and parks to enjoy our free time.

Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station offers a mix of retail, dining, entertainment, and residential spaces. We can walk to shops, restaurants, and theaters all in one place. The area is known for being safe and convenient with plenty of amenities.

We also enjoy outdoor activities here because there are parks and green spaces. Walkability stands out with well-planned streets that make it easy to get around. Housing options range from apartments to single-family homes, fitting various needs and budgets.

Buckhead Village

Buckhead Village offers unique shops, tasty restaurants, and chic cafes. We love exploring the area’s upscale boutiques and enjoying delicious meals. The vibrant nightlife keeps us entertained with live music venues and trendy bars.

We can find everything we need here—from high-end fashion at Peachtree shopping spots to relaxing parks for a quick escape from the city buzz. Traffic can be challenging, but the convenience of having so many amenities close by makes it worthwhile.

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Virginia Highland

Virginia Highland offers a cozy and vibrant feel. Picture tree-lined streets filled with charming homes and unique shops. We love the mix of old and new in this neighborhood.

The dining scene is top-notch with a variety of cafes, bars, and restaurants. It's easy to spend an entire day here, from morning coffee in a quaint café to evening drinks at a lively bar.

The neighborhood also hosts fun events through the year, creating an active community vibe we really enjoy.

Inman Park

Inman Park boasts a family-oriented and pet-friendly environment. Streets lined with tall trees offer plenty of shade for walking. Historic homes add charm to the neighborhood, making each stroll feel like a step back in time.

Parks here are well-maintained, perfect for outdoor activities. With accessible amenities and easy transportation options, living here is very convenient. Residents often rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars—proof of its inviting atmosphere.

Education and Employment

Fulton County offers great schools and many job opportunities... read on to find out why!

Schools in Fulton County

Fulton County has many great schools. The Lovett School in Atlanta offers K-12 education and holds a high rating of 4.22 out of 5 from 157 reviews. It focuses on academic excellence and community values.

East Cobb Christian School, located in Marietta, serves K-8 students with a stellar rating of 4.97 out of 5 based on 40 reviews. Parents appreciate the strong curriculum and nurturing environment.

These schools make Fulton County an attractive area for families prioritizing education.

Fulton County Schools - Fulton County, Georgia | Business View Magazine


Job Opportunities

Job opportunities in Fulton County are diverse. Atlanta, Georgia, a major hub, hosts various industries from finance to tech. Midtown Atlanta is bustling with corporate offices and startups alike.

In Sandy Springs, GA, healthcare and telecommunications are strong sectors. Companies like Cox Communications provide job stability here. For those in arts and entertainment, venues like the Fox Theater offer unique career paths.

Annual incomes of $55,200 for single individuals or $79,200 for families can ensure comfortable living here. Whether you're looking at East Point or Lindbergh/Morosgo areas—there are plenty of local jobs.

Safety and Security

Fulton County has low crime rates and visible law enforcement... making it a safe place to live.

Crime Rates

Crime rates in Fulton County can be a concern. Let's take a closer look at the numbers:

Type of Crime

Rate (out of 100)

Property Crime


Violent Crime


These statistics help us understand the safety landscape... Next up, we'll look at law enforcement presence.

Law Enforcement Presence

Police officers in Fulton County are visible and proactive. They work hard to keep our neighborhoods safe, from College Park, GA to Sandy Springs, GA. Officers patrol daily and respond quickly to emergencies.

The presence of law enforcement helps maintain peace across the area. This includes areas like Buckhead Village and the Lindbergh neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. Their efforts help reduce both property crime (rated at 63.3 out of 100) and violent crime (32 out of 100).

Cost of Living

When considering Fulton County as a place to live, housing costs are a major factor. Here’s a breakdown:


Median Home Price

Fulton County






Johns Creek


These numbers show us that Fulton County offers a range of housing prices…

Moving on to the general expenses in Fulton County...

General Expenses

Living in Fulton County comes with costs higher than the national average. The TrueCost Score is 113.3 out of 100. This means expenses are about 13.3% more—significant for those on a tight budget.

We need at least $79,200 annually for a family to live comfortably here. Single people would need around $55,200 per year. Utility bills add up quickly and grocery prices can bite into our budget too...but the quality of life makes it worth considering!


Fulton County is a vibrant place to call home. It offers varied communities, excellent schools, and job opportunities. We enjoy the outdoor spaces and diverse amenities here. The strong economy and safe neighborhoods only add to its appeal.

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