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Living in Fayetteville GA - Neighborhood Guide

Living in Fayettevile GA - Neighborhood Guide

Choosing where to live can be tough. Fayetteville , GA, stands out as a prime spot due to its safety and homeownership benefits. This guide will walk you through everything from local attractions to finding a home in Fayetteville's welcoming neighborhoods .

Discover what makes Fayetteville special .

Key Takeaways

  • Fayetteville, GA, was founded in 1823 and is named after Marquis De Lafayette. It's home to Piedmont Fayette Hospital and Pinewood Atlanta Studios in a good neighborhood.
  • The city has a diverse population of about 16,400 people with an average median income of around $62,000. Residents in the neighborhood enjoy various amenities like parks, shopping centers like Fayette Pavilion and Banks Crossing for sale, and educational opportunities through Fayette County Public Schools .
  • Local attractions include the Southern Ground Amphitheater for outdoor concerts , Fun Junction USA for family fun, historic downtown for shopping and dining, and several golf courses. Dining options range from Tex-Mex restaurants to authentic German bakeries.
  • Transportation mainly requires a car due to low walkability scores but Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport provides connections worldwide. The real estate market offers homes at an average price of $462,779 with popular communities including Canoe Club and Trilith.
  • For families, there are plenty of activities for kids like picnicking at McCurry Park and swimming at Kedron Fieldhouse. The city boasts excellent internet providers ensuring connectivity for all residents.


Quick Facts about Fayetteville, GA

is fayetteville a good place to live?

Fayetteville, GA, is enriched with a history, culture, and amenities that make it a unique place to live. Below is a detailed look at some of the quick facts that highlight the significance of this city.




Founding Year


Name Origin

Named after Marquis De Lafayette

Notable Facilities

Home to Piedmont Fayette Hospital and Pinewood Atlanta Studios


Students attend Fayette County Public Schools

Notable Individuals

Residences of Tyler Perry and Zac Brown

State Recognition

Recognized as an "entrepreneur-friendly community"

Median Income

Around $62,000

Average Resident Age

40 years old


These facts encapsulate the essence of Fayetteville, demonstrating its significance in history, culture, and living standards.

History and Demographics of Fayetteville

Fayetteville, Georgia, got its name in 1823, honoring the French aristocrat Marquis De Lafayette who played a significant role during the American Revolutionary War. This city carries a rich history that reflects the growth and evolution of the area from its early days to now.

Today, it stands as a vibrant community with notable individuals like Tyler Perry, Keshia Knight Pulliam, and Zac Brown having ties to this town. Its past is woven into the fabric of what makes Fayetteville unique, attracting residents who appreciate both its historical significance and modern amenities .

The demographics of Fayetteville reveal a diverse population of about 16,400 people. These residents enjoy an average median income of around $62,000. The city's mix includes various backgrounds and cultures which contribute to its dynamic community atmosphere .

Such diversity also influences local businesses and social scenes in Fayetteville offering something for everyone - from eateries serving delicious meals to parks perfect for family outings or leisurely walks.

This blend of old charm and contemporary lifestyle makes living here appealing to those seeking balance between history-rich areas and modern conveniences.

Lifestyle in Fayetteville: Highlights

Fayetteville offers a vibrant lifestyle with unique attractions and activities for everyone to enjoy.


Local Attractions in Fayetteville, GA


Fayetteville, GA, is full of exciting attractions that cater to a wide range of interests. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, there's something for everyone in this vibrant city.


  1. Southern Ground Amphitheater: This outdoor venue hosts concerts and events throughout the year, featuring a variety of music genres and artists. It's a perfect spot for live entertainment under the stars.
  2. Fun Junction USA: Families love visiting this amusement park for its thrilling rides, mini-golf, and arcade games. It offers fun-filled activities for kids and adults alike.
  3. Historic Downtown Fayetteville: Explore the charming streets of downtown Fayetteville with its unique shops, eateries like Twisted Taco, and the City Cafe & Bakery for authentic German treats. The area combines history with modern delights.
  4. Fayette Pavilion and Banks Crossing: These shopping centers are hubs for those who love to shop till they drop. With a wide range of stores and dining options, shoppers can find everything from fashion to groceries at Walmart and Kroger.
  5. Golf Courses: Golf enthusiasts have multiple courses to choose from in Fayetteville, each offering challenging layouts amidst beautiful landscapes.
  6. The Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House Museum: Dive into Fayetteville's history at this museum housed in an 1855 antebellum home, showcasing artifacts and stories from the past.

Dining in Fayetteville, GA


Fayetteville, GA, offers a rich dining scene that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. From Tex-Mex favorites to authentic German bakeries, the city ensures everyone finds something they love.


  1. Tex - Mex restaurants dot the landscape, offering spicy and flavorful dishes. These eateries serve up hearty portions of nachos, tacos, and burritos filled with fresh ingredients.
  2. An authentic German bakery stands out for its unique offerings in Fayetteville. Here, customers can indulge in freshly baked breads, pretzels, and sweets that transport taste buds straight to Germany.
  3. Local diners provide a cozy atmosphere for enjoying classic American comfort food. These spots are perfect for breakfast or lunch with menus featuring burgers, sandwiches, and all-day breakfast items.
  4. The town is home to several upscale restaurants where residents can enjoy fine dining experiences. These establishments serve sophisticated dishes prepared by expert chefs, making them ideal for special occasions.
  5. Vegetarian and vegan options are available in many Fayetteville eateries, ensuring those with plant-based preferences have delicious choices too.
  6. International cuisine is well represented with Italian pizzerias, Asian sushi bars, and Indian restaurants offering their country's specialties right in Fayetteville.
  7. Coffee shops and cafes offer relaxing spaces for residents to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea along with pastries or light snacks while meeting friends or working on their laptops.
  8. For those looking for late - night eats , several establishments stay open late offering everything from pizza slices to ice cream sundaes.

Shopping in Fayetteville, GA

Fayetteville, GA, offers residents a variety of shopping experiences. The town boasts numerous shopping centers, each featuring a wide range of stores to cater to everyone's needs.


  • Fayette Pavilion: This is one of the largest shopping areas in Fayetteville. With over a hundred stores, it offers everything from fashion and electronics to home goods. Target is among the big names you'll find here, making it a go-to place for both essentials and luxuries.
  • Banks Crossing: Known for its convenient location and diverse selection of shops, Banks Crossing provides an enjoyable shopping experience. Here, shoppers can find unique clothing items, accessories, and gifts that aren't available in larger retail chains.
  • Downtown Fayetteville: For those who prefer boutique shopping, downtown Fayetteville is full of charming stores offering handcrafted goods, antiques, and local art. It's perfect for finding one-of-a-kind items while supporting small businesses.
  • Peachtree City nearby: Just a short drive away, Peachtree City expands the shopping options with more boutiques and eateries. Its outdoor malls and landscaped paths make for an appealing day out for both shopping and dining.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Fayetteville, GA

Fayetteville, GA, buzzes with entertainment and nightlife options that cater to all ages. Residents enjoy a variety of venues from movie theaters to outdoor concerts.


  • Southern Ground Amphitheater: Offers live music events throughout the year. This outdoor venue brings together local and national acts for memorable evenings under the stars.
  • Pinewood Atlanta Studios: Known as one of the largest film studios in the U.S. outside California, it adds a touch of Hollywood to Fayetteville. The studio occasionally hosts public events and screenings.
  • Fun Junction USA: Presents an array of activities for families and thrill-seekers. From go-karts to mini-golf, it's a place where fun meets adventure.
  • Multiple Golf Courses: Cater to golf enthusiasts with well-maintained greens and fairways. These courses serve as serene spots for both leisure and competitive play.
  • Movie Theater : Offer the latest blockbusters in high-definition formats. With comfortable seating and high-quality sound systems, movie nights are always a hit.
  • Downtown Eateries and Bars: Serve as key spots for nightlife. These establishments range from cozy pubs offering live music to upscale restaurants with gourmet menus.
  • Entertainment Centers: Like arcades and bowling alleys provide hours of fun for friends and families looking to unwind during weekends or after work hours.


Transportation in Fayetteville

Getting around Fayetteville requires a car for most errands. The city has a low walk score. This means sidewalks and pedestrian paths are less common in some areas. For longer trips, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is close by.

It offers flights to many places worldwide.

Public transportation options are limited within the city itself. However, nearby services help residents travel to Atlanta and other areas. People looking for high-speed internet can find several broadband connection options to stay connected.

Next, let's explore the real estate market in Fayetteville including average home prices and popular communities.

Fayetteville Real Estate: An Overview

Fayetteville's real estate market offers a variety of homes suitable for families, professionals, and retirees alike, reflecting the diverse community living here.


Average Price of Homes in Fayetteville, GA

The housing market in Fayetteville, GA, reflects dynamic pricing trends and offers insight into the local real estate landscape. One critical metric for potential homeowners and investors is the average price of homes in the area. The current median home price in Fayetteville stands at $462,779, complemented by a median price per square foot of $170. These figures are instrumental in understanding the overall affordability and value propositions of residing or investing in Fayetteville.


Real Estate Metric


Median Home Price


Median Price Per Square Foot



These statistics offer a snapshot into the Fayetteville real estate market, providing a foundational understanding for those considering a move to the area or seeking investment opportunities.

Popular Communities

Fayetteville, GA, boasts several sought-after neighborhoods known for their charm and amenities . These areas offer residents a blend of comfort, style, and convenience.


Canoe Club

The Canoe Club shines as one of Fayetteville, GA's most sought-after neighborhoods . It offers a wide range of homes, from new constructions in swim and tennis communities to older, well-established areas featuring ranch and split-level style houses.

Known for its beautiful homes and desirable location, the community stands out for providing residents with an impressive quality of life.

Residents enjoy a variety of amenities within The Canoe Club. These include access to swimming pools, tennis courts, and beautiful natural surroundings ideal for outdoor activities.

This top-rated community not only promises a comfortable living environment but also fosters a strong sense of belonging among neighbors.



Trilith sets a new standard for living in Fayetteville, GA. Once known as Pinewood Forest, this planned community focuses on sustainability and wellness . Residents have a choice of housing options including single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments.

The area boasts parks, trails, and a vibrant town center filled with shops and eateries. Its close location to Pinewood Atlanta Studios opens doors for those interested in film and entertainment.

This neighborhood takes pride in being walkable and connected. It incorporates green practices like electric vehicle charging stations into daily life. Trilith is not just about beautiful homes; it's about creating an environmentally friendly community where people can thrive.



Trilith, previously known as Pinewood Forest, is a charming town in Fayetteville, GA. It covers 235 acres and is designed for 5,000 residents living in 1,400 homes. The town offers a variety of housing options, including micro-homes, custom-designed single-family houses, and estate homes, catering to creatives at different career stages.


Trilith, the biggest geothermal community in the US, is leading the way in eco-friendly living. With over half of its area dedicated to green spaces, it's a haven for nature lovers. The residential neighborhoods are surrounded by more than 1,000 trees, offering 15 miles of scenic nature trails, 54 acres of dense forest, and 19 well-maintained parks, including a top-notch dog park.

Promoting wellness and education is a big deal at Trilith. They have a fancy 60,000 square foot fitness center called the Piedmont Wellness Center. Also, there's a cool K-12 school called The Forest School that focuses on story arts and learner-driven technology.

Experience the perfect mix of upscale living, green initiatives, and neighborly vibes at Trilith. Every little thing is thoughtfully designed to make life better for the people who live there.

Discover Trilith, where creative individuals reside, bringing inspiration to the world through their craft.

This unique neighborhood in Fayetteville, GA is tailored for those in the film and creative fields. It includes studios for filmmaking, residential areas, places to shop and eat, as well as trails and parks - providing everything necessary to turn any idea into reality.

Schools in Fayetteville, GA

Fayetteville, GA, takes pride in its strong educational system . The city is home to several highly-rated public schools offering diverse educational options.


  • Spring Hill Elementary School stands out for its commitment to fostering a supportive and innovative learning environment. It encourages students' creativity and critical thinking.
  • Cleveland Elementary School is known for its dedicated staff and strong parent-community involvement, which enhances the learning experience.
  • Sara Harp Minter Elementary School offers a broad curriculum that includes arts and technology alongside traditional subjects. This approach prepares students for a well-rounded education.
  • Fayetteville Elementary School focuses on developing each student's potential through personalized learning strategies. It aims to meet the unique needs of its students.
  • Bennett's Mill Middle School prides itself on providing a rigorous academic program in a nurturing environment. Students here are prepared for the challenges of high school and beyond.
  • Whitewater Middle School excels in sports and extracurricular activities, giving students many opportunities to explore interests outside the classroom.
  • Flat Rock Middle School has an impressive program that integrates technology into all areas of study, helping students become proficient in digital skills.
  • For high school education, Fayette County High School offers a wide range of AP courses and extracurricular clubs, focusing on college readiness.
  • Whitewater High School is celebrated for its excellent athletic programs and academic achievements, making it a great choice for students with diverse interests.
  • Lastly, Sandy Creek High School distinguishes itself with outstanding music and arts programs complemented by strong academic offerings.


Fayetteville: Is it a Good Place to Live?

Many people find Fayetteville a great place to live, thanks to its top-rated school systems and the sense of community in its over 150 neighborhoods . With a population of around 16,400 and a median income of approximately $62,000, residents enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

The average age here is about 40 years old , which contributes to the mature and settled feel of the city.

Life in Fayetteville offers convenience and variety. From dining at excellent eateries to exploring local attractions, there's always something to do. 

Proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport adds another layer of appeal for frequent travelers. Overall, the blend of amenities, good schools, and vibrant community life make it an appealing choice for many looking for a new home.

Activities for Kids in Fayetteville, GA

Fayetteville's charm doesn't just appeal to adults, but it also offers a wealth of activities for kids. This makes it a great place for families looking to maintain an active and engaging lifestyle. Here's a rundown of the top activities for kids in Fayetteville, GA:


  1. Picnicking at McCurry Park: With vast green spaces, this park is perfect for family picnics. Kids can run around and play in open fields while parents set up a cozy spot under the trees.
  2. Swimming at Kedron Fieldhouse and Aquatic Center: This center not only has indoor pools for year-round swimming but also offers swim lessons for various age groups.
  3. Hiking the Nature Trails: Explore Fayetteville's natural beauty on its numerous hiking trails perfect for all ages. These trails are easy enough for young hikers to navigate.
  4. Joining Youth Sports Leagues : Soccer, baseball, basketball--Fayetteville has leagues for these and more. It's a fantastic way for kids to learn teamwork and stay active.
  5. Exploring the Southern Ground Amphitheater: Attend family-friendly concerts and events here, offering entertainment that caters to both kids and adults.
  6. Visiting Fun Junction USA: This amusement park features rides suitable for young children as well as thrilling options for older kids, making it ideal for a family day out.
  7. Participating in Library Programs: Fayetteville's libraries hold regular events designed specifically for children: including story times and educational workshops.
  8. Skating at the Skateboard Park: Children with skateboards or scooters can practice their skills here in a safe environment designed just for them.
  9. Attending Workshops at Trilith Studios: For those interested in movies and production, Trilith Studios occasionally offers workshops that allow kids to peek behind the scenes of filmmaking.
  10. Playing at Indoor Playgrounds like Monkey Joe's: Perfect for rainy days or hot summer afternoons when outdoor play isn't an option, these indoor areas offer fun physical activity.


Internet Providers in Fayetteville, GA

Fayetteville, GA, residents enjoy a variety of internet service options, catering to different needs and preferences. The city is served by multiple providers, ensuring competitive services and speeds . Here is a detailed summary of the internet providers available in Fayetteville:


Provider Type

Provider Name

Speeds Available

Technology Used

Fiber Optic

Provider A

Up to Gbps



Provider B




Provider C




Provider D

Up to 100 mbps


DOCSIS (Cable)


Up to 987 mbps



Provider E




The availability of Fiber, ADSL, wireline, satellite, DOCSIS, and VDSL technologies from 14 different providers ensures residents have ample choices for their internet needs. With fiber optic internet offering Gbps speeds and DOCSIS providing up to 987 mbps download speeds, Fayetteville stands out as a city well-connected by high-speed internet services .

Continuing to the next topic of discussion, we will explore noise levels and air quality in Fayetteville, GA.

Noise Levels and Air Quality in Fayetteville, GA

Fayetteville, GA, offers a comfortable living environment, with particular attention to noise levels and air quality. Below is a detailed table that addresses these aspects, ensuring potential residents can understand what to expect in this area.




Noise Levels

Specific data on noise levels in Fayetteville, GA, is not provided. However, the town's layout with spacious neighborhoods and green spaces may contribute to a generally quiet atmosphere. Residents typically note that noise is not a significant issue, especially in more residential areas away from the main roads.

Air Quality

Fayetteville benefits from being in a less densely populated area, contributing to generally good air quality. Proximity to Atlanta can influence air quality depending on weather patterns, but Fayetteville's efforts in maintaining green spaces and supporting local environment-friendly initiatives help ensure the air remains clean for its residents.


This table summarizes the essential factors concerning noise levels and air quality in Fayetteville, GA, highlighting the town's commitment to a peaceful and healthy living environment.


Discovering the essence of life in Fayetteville, GA offers a unique journey through its rich history, vibrant lifestyle, and welcoming communities. With its top-rated schools, diverse activities for kids, and excellent internet providers enhancing connectivity, this city caters to both families and individuals alike.

The blend of quiet neighborhoods with the allure of local attractions ensures that residents enjoy the best of both worlds. As one explores what makes Fayetteville stand out, it becomes clear why many choose to call this place home.


1. Is Fayetteville, GA a good place to live?

Fayetteville, GA offers residents a comfortable lifestyle with its low property tax rates and affordable cost of living. The town provides high-speed internet for all its homes and eateries, making it an attractive place for families and professionals.

2. What are the schools like in Fayetteville, GA?

Schools in Fayetteville receive positive reviews for their quality education programs. The area is served by well-regarded public schools that cater to the needs of local children, ensuring a strong foundation for their future.

3. How safe is Fayetteville, GA?

Safety is a top priority in Fayetteville with low crime rates compared to national averages. Residents feel secure in their neighborhoods, contributing to the overall appeal of living in this Georgia town.

4. Are there any parks or recreational areas in Fayetteville, GA?

Yes! Fayetteville boasts several parks and recreational areas where families can enjoy outdoor activities together. These green spaces provide residents with places to relax, play sports or simply enjoy nature.

5. What kind of community can I expect in Fayetteville, GA?

The community in Fayettevile is friendly and welcoming. Local forums often highlight events bringing neighbors together which fosters a strong sense of belonging among residents.


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