Why Cherokee County is One of the Fastest Growing Counties in Georgia

Why Cherokee County is One of the Fastest Growing Counties in Georgia

Finding a wonderful place to call home that fits both your family and work life can be challenging. Cherokee County has been growing rapidly, offering numerous benefits—excellent schools, flourishing businesses, and a rich cultural heritage. 

 Stick with us to see why Cherokee County could be the perfect choice for you!

Economic Growth and Development

Cherokee County boasts a diverse business environment that's attracting new companies and investors. The real estate market is thriving with many new residential communities springing up across the area.

Diverse business environment

Cherokee County boasts key industry sectors like Advanced Manufacturing, Commercial Developers, Corporate Operations, Film & Media, and Information Technology. Almost 50 international businesses from various countries have operations here.

Metro Atlanta—including Cherokee County—leads the U.S. metro areas in foreign direct investment. 

Georgia is the top state for business as per CNBC's 2017 ranking. The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s International Trade division helps companies expand into international markets by offering free market intelligence and key in-country contacts.

This support underscores our diverse business environment, making it ideal for growth and innovation. 

Thriving real estate markets - Cooks Farm, Cottages - Horizon at Laurel Canyon, Horizon at Laurel Canyon, Lakeside at River Green , River Green - The Retreat, Soleil Belmont Park, Soleil Laurel Canyon, South On Main & The Village at River Green

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Malloy Communities | Horizon at Laurel Canyon

Cherokee County’s business environment is booming, and so is its real estate market. Horizon at Laurel Canyon offers homes from $627,900 to over a million dollars. These homes come with 3 to 4 bedrooms and bathrooms and range from 2,629 to 3,598 square feet. Amenities include a pool, pond, clubhouse, basketball court, tennis court, and golf course. River Green has similar high-quality offerings with The Retreat and Lakeside communities providing prime residences. Soleil Belmont Park attracts many due to its great location while Soleil Laurel Canyon boasts scenic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. South On Main & The Village at River Green are other popular locations contributing to Cherokee County’s rapid growth.


Geographic and Cultural Appeal

Cherokee County boasts a rich blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. Its location near Atlanta provides easy access to city life while offering a quieter, suburban environment.

Proximity to Atlanta

Living close to Atlanta brings many benefits. We have access to job opportunities in retail, healthcare, and manufacturing.  The easy commute has drawn many people here.

Cherokee County is part of the Atlanta metropolitan statistical area. This location helped achieve the highest percentage growth rate among metro counties from April 2022 to April 2023.  Being near a major city means economic growth for the communities too. More businesses are setting up shop here because they know employees don't need long commutes. Plus, residents enjoy both suburban peace and big-city excitement without traveling far.

Rich cultural heritage and community events

Cherokee County boasts a rich cultural heritage and vibrant community events. Elm Street Cultural Arts Village in Woodstock is growing, with its budget more than doubling since 2013. Walkable downtowns like Woodstock, Holly Springs, and Canton add charm and accessibility for everyone. These areas often host festivals, farmers' markets, and parades that bring the whole community together.

Photo Courtesy of Woodstock, Georgia

Residents of Cherokee County enjoy numerous activities that celebrate the diverse culture. Downtown Woodstock’s transformation includes plans for a new city center and retail space—a sign of ongoing development reflecting our collective spirit. Various events throughout the year keep us connected while showcasing local talent and traditions. 

Educational Opportunities

Cherokee County has some of the best schools in Georgia. Excellent educational facilities serve students and families well.

High-ranking schools and educational facilities

High-ranking schools and educational facilities boost the community's growth. With a mix of public and private options, students get top-notch education close to home. Many families move to Cherokee County for the quality schools alone—enhancing our suburban area appeal. This strong educational foundation supports workforce development by preparing young minds for future opportunities. Proximity to Atlanta provides extra benefits, but let’s steer into what makes Cherokee County’s infrastructure powerful...

Photo Courtesy of Cherokee County Schools VIA LinkedIn

Cherokee County School District - GA | LinkedIn

Infrastructure and Transportation Improvements

Why Cherokee County is One of the Fastest Growing Counties in Georgia

Cherokee County stands out as one of Georgia's fastest-growing counties. Here's why:.

Economic Growth and Development

Cherokee County boasts a diverse business environment. From local shops to large corporations, opportunities abound. The real estate market flourishes with unique communities like Cooks Farm, Lakeside at River Green, and Soleil Belmont Park offering various options.

Photo Courtesy of JW Collection | South on Main

Geographic and Cultural Appeal

Residents benefit greatly from our proximity to Atlanta, making commutes easy. They enjoy rich cultural heritage with plenty of community events that bring people together.

Educational Opportunities

Cherokee County schools rank high in performance. Plus, they have excellent educational facilities available for all ages.

Infrastructure and Transportation Improvements:

There have been expansions in transportation networks... improving connectivity makes travel smoother within and outside the county.

Expansion of transportation networks

Cherokee County has seen rapid growth due to its improved transportation. Let's explore how the county expanded its transport networks:

  1. Road Improvements - Many roads have been widened and upgraded. This eases traffic and reduces commute times. 
  2. Public Transportation - New bus routes connect more areas within Cherokee County to suburban areas and even to Forsyth County.
  3. Cherokee County Regional Airport - The airport received significant upgrades, including a longer runway, allowing for larger aircraft.
  4. Proximity to Major Highways - Located near Interstates 575 and 75, residents can easily access Atlanta’s amenities.
  5. Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Paths - More bike lanes and pedestrian paths have been added, promoting eco-friendly transit options. 
  6. Rail Expansion Plans - Future plans include expanding rail services to better connect our community with metro Atlanta.
  7. Affordable Housing Connectivity - New public transportation lines help connect affordable housing projects to key locations in the county.

These improvements make getting around Cherokee County easier and contribute to its growth.


People are moving to Cherokee County for many reasons. Jobs are growing, and new businesses keep coming. Cherokee County has good schools and better roads now. Theirr rich history and fun events bring the community together.

This is why Cherokee County keeps getting bigger every year!


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