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Luxury Riverfront Homes Savannah, Ga

Searching for the perfect luxury riverfront home in Savannah , GA , can seem like a daunting task. We understand - navigating through the process ourselves has shown us just how challenging it can be.

This page is designed to guide you towards finding your ideal waterfront abode by illuminating its advantages, offering a glimpse into Savannah's dynamic real estate trends, and showcasing elegant townhomes, spacious homes, low country, and generous terraces. Prepare to embark on an exciting quest to locate your dream residence!

Key Takeaways

  • Living in a luxury waterfront home in Savannah means enjoying stunning views of the Savannah River, easy access to dining and cultural activities along River Street, and a variety of outdoor fun.
  • The real estate market in Savannah is active with 140 luxury homes available. Prices are shifting. Keep this trend in mind when searching for your dream home.
  • Patrick Malloy Communities provides expert advice for those interested in diving into Savannah's upscale riverfront living market. They offer a selection of finely crafted properties with unparalleled views and amenities.

Savannah's River Street History

Savannah's River Street is steeped in history, tracing back to when it was bustling with cotton merchants. Today, it's a vibrant mix of old and new, where waterfront living meets rich heritage.


Historic River Street History


River Street, nestled in Savannah, Georgia, is a jewel steeped in history. It's where luxury meets heritage, offering waterfront homes that blend the old with the new seamlessly. This area has become a sought-after destination for those who cherish both luxury and historical charm.

A stroll along River Street reveals cobblestone paths and majestic views of the Savannah River, making it clear why this spot is considered one of the best places to live in Savannah.

Moving from history to modern living, let's dive into exploring these luxurious riverfront homes further.


Exploring Luxury Riverfront Homes in Savannah, GA

Diving into Savannah's luxury riverfront homes opens a world of elegance and charm. You're stepping into a lifestyle where every detail and view whispers sophistication.


Key Features of Upper East River Luxury Riverfront Homes


Let's talk about the Upper East River luxury riverfront homes in Savannah, GA. They are more than just homes; they're a lifestyle choice, offering a blend of comfort, luxury, and stunning views .


  • Space Galore: With living areas ranging from 1,800 sqft to 5,000 sqft, these waterfront homes Savannah residents dream about provide ample room for any lifestyle. Whether you need space for entertaining or simply enjoying your own company, it's all here.
  • Diverse Property Types: From sprawling houses to upscale condos and plots of land ready for your dream build - options abound. Your ideal home by the river waits, whether it's a penthouse with panoramic views or a cozy house with history.
  • Luxurious Amenities: Expect multiple bedrooms and bathrooms in every property. Imagine waking up to serene water views every morning-the epitome of luxury living in Savannah.
  • Architectural Variety: Love traditional Southern charm? Prefer sleek contemporary designs? The Upper East River homes have you covered. Every taste and preference is catered to, making it the best place to live in Savannah for those who appreciate aesthetics.
  • Price Range Catering to Various Budgets: With prices stretching from $1,000,000 to $8,500,000, there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for an affordable entry into luxury living or a no-expense-spared estate, Upper East River accommodates.
  • Proximity to Tybee Island: Not only do you get the beauty of the Savannah River but also easy access to Tybee Island's offerings--more properties included! Houses, condos...even more land and apartments open up a world of possibilities.


Benefits of Living in Luxury Riverfront Homes

Living in luxury riverfront homes offers unmatched tranquility and endless entertainment, instantly elevating your lifestyle. Ready to dive deeper?


Savannah's Riverfront Scenic Views


We can't get enough of the breathtaking scenic views you find in luxury homes Savannah. Imagine waking up every morning to serene vistas of the Savannah River, right from your bedroom window.

These riverfront properties offer more than just a place to live; they provide an immersive experience with nature's beauty.

The city's love for outdoor activities shines bright, thanks to easy access from these waterfront homes. Whether it's a leisurely morning walk or an exhilarating bike ride, residents have the perfect backdrop for their adventures.

The ever-changing scenes of boats gliding by and wildlife in action add a unique charm to living here. With such picturesque surroundings, it's no wonder these spots are highly sought after!


Dining in Riverfront Savannah, GA


Living in luxury riverfront homes in Savannah, Georgia means we're always close to amazing dining options. The city's riverfront area is known for its variety of cuisine choices, from classic Southern comfort food to international flavors.

Exploring neighborhoods along the Savannah River, we discover restaurants and cafes that offer both scenic views and delicious meals.

We enjoy easy access to dining adventures without ever having to stray far from home. Whether it's a cozy breakfast spot by the water or a high-end restaurant serving fresh seafood and steaks, everything's right there.

This convenience enhances our lifestyle, making every meal an opportunity for something special.


Arts and Culture in Savannah, GA


Savannah, Georgia, thrives with arts and culture, offering residents a rich tapestry of experiences right at their doorstep. From galleries showcasing local artists to live theater performances that bring stories to life, there's always something happening here.

The city hosts vibrant festivals throughout the year that celebrate everything from food to music, ensuring our community stays connected through creativity.

Our luxury riverfront homes in Savannah place us in the heart of it all--where Southern charm meets contemporary flair. We get to enjoy front-row seats to waterfront concerts and art shows without leaving our neighborhood.

Next up, let's dive into the activities and fun awaiting us outside our luxurious abodes.


Activities and Fun in Savannah GA by River Street


Living by the Savannah River opens up a world of outdoor fun. We enjoy boating and fishing, soaking in the sun while catching our dinner for the evening. Waterfront parks invite us for lazy afternoon picnics or energizing morning jogs.

Every day feels like a vacation here.

Exploring historic River Street adds to our adventure. We find unique shops and local eateries where we indulge in fresh seafood or savor homemade treats. The blend of natural beauty and urban convenience makes our riverfront lifestyle unmatched.

Insight into the Real Estate Market in Savannah, GA

The real estate market in Savannah, GA, is buzzing and everybody's talking about it. Prices are shifting, and so are opportunities; you don't want to miss out.


Savannah, GA Current Market Trends


Let's dive straight into the heart of Savannah's real estate market, focusing on luxury riverfront homes. Here's a snapshot of the current trends shaping this exclusive segment:




Diverse Price Range

Homes span from $230,000 to $10,000,000, offering a variety for different budgets.

Size Variability

Living spaces range between 1,081 sqft to 7,164 sqft, catering to various preferences and needs.

Average Price Point

At $305,618, the average price reflects a balanced market for luxury riverfront properties.

Inventory Levels

With 140 luxury homes available, buyers have ample options to choose from.


This market provides a wealth of options, from cozy retreats to lavish estates, each boasting unique features and amenities. Whether seeking an intimate riverside abode or a sprawling mansion with panoramic views, Savannah's luxury riverfront homes cater to an array of tastes and lifestyles.


Key Factors to Consider When Buying Savannah GA Riverfront Homes


Buying a luxury riverfront home in Savannah is an exciting venture. Here is what to keep in mind.


  1. Location matters - Seek spots with the best views of the river. Proximity to River Street's history and charm adds value.
  2. Size and layout - Match the property size to your needs. Bigger isn't always better if the space doesn't fit your lifestyle.
  3. Community amenities - Look for perks like docks, pools, and clubhouses. These enhance living experiences significantly.
  4. Architectural style - Ensure the home reflects your taste. Savannah offers everything from modern designs to historic charms.
  5. Resale value - Consider future marketability. Properties that maintain or increase in value are smarter investments.
  6. Maintenance costs - Remember, big homes and waterfront properties often come with higher upkeep expenses.
  7. Safety measures - Check for flood defenses and insurance requirements, given Savannah's coastal location.
  8. Access to dining, arts, and culture: A great luxury home is near top-notch restaurants and vibrant cultural scenes.


About Patrick Malloy Communities

Patrick Malloy Communities offers a stunning selection of luxury riverfront homes in Savannah, Georgia. Located in the Upper East River community, these properties boast a variety of architectural styles .

From traditional Southern to sleek modern designs, there's something for every taste. We specialize in high-end riverfront living and provide expert advice for those looking to dive into this upscale market .

Their homes are a testament to elegance and refined living, with each property meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled views and access to the Savannah River. The mix of styles ensures that everyone can find their dream waterfront home.

Trust Patrick Malloy Communities when searching for your luxury riverfront haven in Savannah, GA or Hardeeville; we're here to guide you through every step of the journey.


1. What makes luxury riverfront homes in Savannah, Ga, special?

Luxury riverfront homes in Savannah offer stunning views, exclusive access to the water... and a lifestyle that's both serene and vibrant. These properties blend historical charm with modern amenities--think large decks, private docks, and gourmet kitchens.

2. Can I find modern amenities in these homes?

Absolutely! Expect top-of-the-line features-- smart home technology, spa-like bathrooms, chef's kitchens. Plus, outdoor spaces perfect for entertaining or just soaking up those breathtaking river views.

3. Are there any benefits to living by the river in Savannah?

Living by the river means more than just great views; it's about a lifestyle. Residents enjoy boating right from their backyard, easy access to downtown Savannah's culture and cuisine...and let's not forget the gentle breezes and tranquil atmosphere only found by the water.

4. How do I start looking for a luxury riverfront home in Savannah?

Start with our reputable real estate agents familiar with Savannah's market. We will guide you through available listings...helping find that dream home that meets your needs...and maybe even exceeds them!