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Is Milton GA a good place to live?

Deciding where to live can be a big decision for anyone. Milton, GA stands out as one of the safest cities in Georgia. This blog will explore everything from the climate to community life, showing why Milton might just be your dream hometown.

Discover if this is the place for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Milton, GA is a safe city with one of the lowest crime rates, making it peaceful for families and retirees.
  • The weather in Milton is great for outdoor activities all year round with warm summers and mild winters.
  • For job seekers, there are opportunities in healthcare, education, tech companies, shops, restaurants, and horse farms. Plus Atlanta's jobs are close by.
  • Families love Milton for its top-ranked schools like Milton High School and Cambridge High School.
  • The cost of living can be high with luxury homes averaging around $1.8 million but offers a suburban feel with various amenities.

The History of Milton, GA

Milton, GA was named after Revolutionary War hero, John Milton, and was incorporated on December 1, 2006. This city is fairly new, but its roots reach deep into history. Early European settlers made their home here in the sixteenth century.
These early beginnings help give Milton its unique charm.
The city proudly showcases its past with a history trail of 28 markers. These markers tell stories of historic buildings from the 1800s. Each site reveals a part of Milton's journey through time.
Visitors and residents can learn about the area's participation in major events like the Revolutionary War. History buffs appreciate this walk-through yesterday that adds to Milton's character today.

Climate Conditions in Milton, GA

Moving from its rich history, Milton's weather also plays a part in its charm. The city enjoys warm summers and mild winters. Most days are sunny, brightening up the vast horse farms and green spaces.
Rainfall is fairly common too, with the area getting around 53 inches per year. This makes for lush landscapes that residents love.
Summers can get hot, but temperatures rarely hit extreme highs. Winters are gentle, with little snow to disrupt daily life. People who live in Milton often spend time outdoors all year round because of this pleasant climate.

Employment Opportunities in Milton, GA

The sunny climate in Milton, GA creates a thriving environment for businesses and job seekers alike. Healthcare and education sectors are strong employers here. You can also find jobs in tech companies, shops, and restaurants.
There are horse farms around the city that offer unique work in equine care and riding.
Since Milton is close to Atlanta, many people drive there for even more jobs. Big city jobs combine with local opportunities to give residents lots of choices. Also, as Milton grows, new projects lead to construction and urban development careers.
This means skilled workers like builders, planners, and engineers have a place here too.

Lifestyle and Entertainment in Milton, GA

Milton, GA offers a rich blend of leisure and recreation for its residents, from shopping and dining to outdoor escapades. This picturesque suburb boasts an array of vibrant attractions that cater to all ages, ensuring lifestyles are as exciting as they are comfortable.

Local Attractions:

Milton, GA brims with charm and numerous local spots worth visiting. Families and friends gather for fun and relaxation at these attractions.
  • Downtown Area: The heart of Milton offers a quaint park for outdoor enjoyment, diverse shopping experiences, and eateries that cater to every taste.
  • Bell Memorial Park: This expansive green space hosts sports fields, walking trails, and playgrounds for active residents of all ages.
  • Crabapple Market: A hub for community life where people shop for local produce, handcrafted goods, and enjoy seasonal events.
  • Birmingham Village: Retail therapy awaits shoppers looking for unique finds in this charming collection of boutiques and shops.
  • Milton's Cuisine & Cocktails: A popular dining destination set in a restored farmhouse, offering Southern-inspired dishes made from fresh, local ingredients.
  • White Columns Country Club: Golf enthusiasts enjoy the pristine greens and fairways while families relish the club's swimming and tennis facilities.

Dining and Nightlife:

Milton, GA offers a vibrant mix of dining and entertainment options. The city is a hotspot for food lovers and night owls alike.
  • Diverse Dining Experiences :
  • Family-Friendly Events :
  • Quality Restaurants :
  • Nightlife Scene :
  • Golf Courses and Parks :
  • Outdoor Activities :

Outdoor Activities:

Milton, GA is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. Its beautiful parks and scenic cycling paths offer plenty of fresh air and exercise.
  • Parks in the area provide wide - open spaces for family picnics, sports, and simply enjoying nature.
  • Golf courses dot the landscape, offering a challenging game for players at every skill level.
  • Cycling enthusiasts find joy in Milton's well - maintained bike trails that wind through picturesque settings.
  • Horseback riding is popular on local farms, which also contribute to Milton's rural charm.
  • The city celebrates its love for the outdoors with events like the Crabapple Fest, where families come together to enjoy good food and crafts in an open-air environment.

The Community in Milton, GA

The community in Milton, GA embodies the charm of small-town connectivity with the benefits of high-end suburban living. Here, residents enjoy a vibrant social fabric that supports active participation and fosters a sense of belonging for all who call it home.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Milton, GA is a city that embraces different cultures and backgrounds. The population of around 41,000 people includes individuals who are African American, Asian alone, Black or African American, from two or more races, and more.
This mix makes the community vibrant and dynamic.
City leaders in Milton show this commitment to diversity through their actions and programs. They offer resources like special needs support and student internships. Their efforts make sure everyone feels included.
Volunteer opportunities also allow residents to help out and learn from one another, building a stronger bond among neighbors.

Volunteer Opportunities

Milton, GA, offers a wealth of chances for residents to give back to their community. The city's spirit of volunteerism is evident in the various programs available.
  • Special Needs Support: Residents can help with the special-needs day camp or join the Disability Awareness Committee.
  • Fire Department Service: The Milton Fire Department seeks volunteers for different tasks, building strong bonds among helpers.
  • Community Boards: Locals get involved by serving on boards for equestrian activities, parks and recreation, and trails planning.
  • Parks and Recreation: Opportunities abound for those who want to assist with outdoor events or park beautification projects.
  • Event Planning: Volunteers can contribute to organizing community events that bring neighbors together and create lasting memories.

Family-Friendly Environment

Milton, GA is a top choice for families looking for the perfect place to settle. It holds the #3 spot for Best Places to Raise a Family in Georgia. Parents can feel confident with an overall A+ grade from niche rankings.
The suburb shines in many family-focused categories, including Best Suburbs to Raise a Family within both Milton and the broader Atlanta area.
The town offers plenty of activities that cater to all ages, ensuring kids have access to fun and educational experiences outside the home. Parks are abundant, providing space for outdoor play and community events where families connect and create lasting memories together.
Educational attainment is high in local schools like Milton High School and Cambridge High School, making it clear why so many parents choose this friendly community for their children's upbringing.

Education in Milton, GA

Milton, GA boasts a robust educational landscape that caters to lifelong learning and academic excellence, inviting families to explore the diverse options for nurturing young minds.

Public Schools

Milton and Cambridge High Schools shine as top educational institutions in Georgia. They stand out among the best, offering stellar academic programs and extracurriculars. Families value the city's dedication to learning, with elementary and middle schools also receiving high marks for excellence.
Resources abound, including support for students with special needs and opportunities for internships.
The city's commitment extends beyond classroom walls. An equestrian-inspired state-of-the-art library adds to Milton's rich educational landscape. This focus on academics contributes greatly to life quality, making it a prime spot for families seeking top-notch education.

Private Schools:

Milton, GA is home to a variety of private schools that cater to families seeking specialized and individualized education for their children. These schools often provide unique programs in arts, sciences, and technology.
They add to the educational choices parents have when deciding where their kids will learn and grow.
Parents value the personalized attention that private schools can offer. Students benefit from smaller class sizes and resources tailored to their needs. Quality education is a top priority in Milton's private institutions, helping prepare students for future success both academically and personally.

Higher Education Opportunities:

Milton, GA boasts top-ranked educational institutions for those seeking to further their education. With its reputation as one of the best suburbs for young professionals in America, it offers a range of options after high school.
Nearby colleges and universities connect students with valuable degrees and careers. They can study close to home while preparing for the job market. Faculty at these schools work hard to ensure learners gain the skills needed for success.
Moving on from higher education, residents also benefit greatly from Milton's strong focus on health and safety.

Health and Safety in Milton, GA

Milton, Georgia prides itself on maintaining a high standard of living, which is evident in its robust healthcare system and commendable safety record. Residents benefit from access to quality medical care and enjoy peace of mind thanks to the town's low crime rate, making health and safety one of Milton's most attractive features for those considering calling it home.

Healthcare Facilities:

Healthcare facilities in Milton, GA offer residents a range of medical services. From family medicine to specialized care, these centers cater to the community's health needs. Vitality Living and Senior Services North Fulton provide programs for older adults.
They focus on wellness and support for seniors. People can find peace of mind knowing quality healthcare is within reach in this part of Fulton County.

Safety and Crime Rate:

Beyond top-notch healthcare facilities, Milton takes pride in its reputation as one of the safest cities. With a total crime rate of only 6.0 incidents per 1,000 residents, peace of mind is a given here.
Residents have just a 1 in 167 chance of being a victim of crime, reflecting how secure the community feels day-to-day.
Milton's commitment to safety shines on the national stage too; it's ranked as the 39th least dangerous city in the United States. This remarkable standing speaks volumes about local law enforcement efforts and community vigilance.
As one of only two Georgia cities to hit the top 100 safest U.S. cities list, Milton stands out for keeping streets secure and families safe.

Housing in Milton, GA

Milton, GA boasts a robust real estate market that caters to a variety of preferences and lifestyles, offering residents picturesque neighborhoods amid the convenience of the metro Atlanta area.
The city's housing options are as diverse as its community, ranging from luxurious estates to charming single-family homes that embody southern hospitality and modern living.

Housing Market:

Milton's housing market is as diverse as its landscape, catering to those seeking large residential lots and horse farms. The city's proximity to Atlanta, commitment to business permits and services, and safety accolades contribute to a dynamic real estate environment.



Rural Charm

Homes on large lots and horse farms prevalent, offering rural living close to urban amenities.

Business Environment

Supportive services and permits for businesses, enhancing property values and investment opportunities.

Commute to Atlanta

Located within a 40-minute drive to Atlanta, ideal for professionals and business owners.

Suburban Recognition

Named one of America's "hottest suburbs" and ideal for those seeking an escape from city life.


Ranked as the 39th least dangerous city in the U.S., making it a safe and attractive location for homeowners.

Housing options range vastly, attracting a variety of homeowners, from those desiring a pastoral setting to those looking for suburban convenience. The recognition as a top suburb reflects positively on property values and the overall appeal of the housing market. Safety is a top selling point, with a remarkably low crime rate bolstering the community's allure for families and retirees alike.

Types of Homes

Milton, GA offers a variety of homes for those looking for a place to live. Many homes cater to the equestrian lifestyle and come with plenty of land.
  • Modern Farmhouses: These are common in Milton, featuring spacious designs and lots of acreage for horse-related activities.
  • Luxury Estates: These grand homes often have custom features and expansive properties.
  • Townhomes and Condos: For those seeking less maintenance, townhomes and condos provide a community feel with amenities.
  • Ranch-style Homes: Single-story living is popular here, with ranch homes offering easy access and comfortable layouts.
  • New Constructions: Buyers can find newly built houses by Georgia's Top Builders with the latest designs and energy-efficient technologies.
  • Historic Homes: Some properties date back several decades, boasting unique architecture and charm.



(THE HOMESTEAD AT MILTON by Vision Development Partners)


(THE MANOR GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB by Loudermilk Homes)

Moving from the types of homes in Milton, let's explore the neighborhoods that make this area special. Each community has its own charm and features, offering a variety of choices for residents.
  • Horse farms and residential spaces blend seamlessly in Milton's neighborhoods, attracting equestrian enthusiasts.
  • Family - friendly environments are a key feature, with many areas having parks and good schools nearby.
  • The average home price in these neighborhoods is around $1.8 million, reflecting the upscale nature of the housing market.
  • Safety is a top priority, with low crime rates contributing to the peaceful atmosphere of Milton subdivisions.
  • Local attractions like Alpharetta's shopping districts and Roswell's historic sites are just a short drive away.
  • Some communities offer amenities such as clubhouses, pools, and tennis courts for an active lifestyle.
  • Commuters have access to major roads like Georgia State Route 9 for easy travel to Atlanta metro area jobs.
  • Neighborhoods boast diversity with various racial and ethnic groups represented in their populations.
  • Volunteer opportunities abound within these communities, fostering a strong sense of involvement among residents.

Cost of Living in Milton, GA

When considering Milton, GA as a potential place to call home, the cost of living is a crucial factor to examine. While the city boasts an affluent community with above-average household incomes, expenses here can reflect its high quality of life is something prospective residents should keep in mind as they weigh their options.

General Living Expenses:

Milton, GA, offers residents a suburban feel with various expenses to consider for a comfortable living standard. Below is an overview of general living expenses in the city.

Expense Category

Approximate Cost


Above national average


Close to national average


Comparable to national average


Higher than national average


Varies per lifestyle

Residents can expect to pay above the national average for groceries in Milton. Healthcare costs are generally close to the national average, allowing for accessible medical care. Utility costs in Milton are comparable to the national average, although individual usage will influence monthly bills. Transportation expenses are higher than the national average, reflecting the city's developing infrastructure. Miscellaneous expenses will vary depending on an individual's or family's lifestyle and choices.

After considering general living expenses, it's also crucial to look at utility costs to get a fuller picture of the cost of living in Milton, GA.

Utility Costs:

Living in areas with fewer commercial zones can affect how much people pay for utilities. In Milton, the lack of business districts may lead to higher costs for services like electricity and water.
However, residents have access to various permits and services, which might include utility assistance.

Utility prices play a big role in the cost of living. Since there is no specific data on what Milton residents pay for these expenses, it's wise to plan for potentially above-average costs due to the town's residential nature and high property values.

Transportation Costs:

Milton, GA residents enjoy various transportation options. People often drive their cars to get around the area. Milton is not directly served by Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), but nearby cities like Johns Creek and Cumming offer bus services.
Commuters may travel a bit to catch a train or bus for work in Atlanta.
Gas prices and car maintenance factor into living expenses here. Some people carpool or use ride-sharing apps to save money. Families appreciate having good roads that connect them quickly to schools, shopping, and parks.
With no specific data on transportation costs in Milton, it's wise to plan for average suburban commuting expenses.

Retiring in Milton, GA

Retiring in Milton, GA offers a serene and active lifestyle with ample amenities that cater to the needs of seniors looking for a peaceful yet engaged community. Explore what makes this city an attractive destination for retirement living.

Senior Community:

Milton, GA has become a haven for the senior community. The city offers a dedicated senior center where older adults gather, share interests, and find companionship. Programs tailored to their needs encourage active participation in local events and foster strong community bonds.
Many seniors volunteer, giving back to the neighborhood and finding purpose in assisting others.
Safety is paramount in Milton, creating an ideal setting for retirees. With low crime rates including minimal incidents of armed robbery or violent crimes, residents feel secure strolling through town or relaxing at home.
The government's efforts to provide parks and recreational options cater specifically to retired individuals' desires for leisure and social engagement. This peaceful town embraces its elders with respect, offering resources that support a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Retirement Facilities:

Milton, GA doesn't have its own dedicated retirement facilities. But seniors can still find great places to live nearby. These spots offer care and fun activities for older people.
They make sure everyone feels at home and part of the community.
Many retirees enjoy Milton's safe neighborhoods and peaceful lifestyle. Local clubs and groups welcome seniors looking to stay active and social. The area's parks are perfect for walks or picnics with friends and family.
Even without specific senior centers, the town meets the needs of its older residents well.

Recreational Activities for Seniors:

Milton, GA caters well to seniors looking for fun and active lifestyles. The city provides a mix of activities, services, and community events designed for older adults.
  • Vitality Living offers programs specifically for active seniors who want to stay engaged. They host social events, fitness classes, and learning opportunities.
  • Senior Services North Fulton helps with care but also includes fun activities. Seniors can join book clubs or go on trips with others their age.
  • Equestrian boards and trails committees give horse lovers a chance to ride or watch. Trails wind through beautiful scenery perfect for exploring on horseback.
  • The city boasts over 80 restaurants and food trucks. Seniors enjoy trying new foods or gathering with friends at their favorite spots.
  • Festivals like Crabapple Fest bring everyone together. Here, older residents can enjoy arts, crafts, and music in a lively outdoor setting.
  • Craft Beer Festival invites seniors to sample local brews. It's a great place to meet up with friends and enjoy the town's spirit.
  • Sky Zone isn't just for kids--it's a fun spot for grandparents too! Bouncing with grandchildren creates laughter-filled memories.


Living in Milton, GA offers a blend of history, safety, and community. With sunny skies and low snowfall, the climate is pleasant for outdoor fun. Jobs are easier to find here than in many places.
Schools provide quality education while houses come in styles for everyone's taste. It's clear this city makes an appealing choice for people seeking a balanced lifestyle.


1. What's special about Milton, GA as a place to live?
Milton, GA is known for its beautiful homes and good schools. It's a peaceful area with lots of space and nice parks.
2. Is there anything unique about the history of Milton County?
Yes, Milton County used to be its own area but later joined with Fulton County. Today, Milton honors its history while being a modern place to live.
3. Are there any cool places near Milton like Suwanee?
Sure! Suwanee is close by and has fun events, shopping spots, and nature trails that people in Milton can enjoy too.
4. Does Milton have any unincorporated areas or towns nearby?
Milton is next to several unincorporated areas where you can find more houses or land if you love having space around your home.

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