Downtown Woodstock, Georgia

Is Woodstock Walkable? Is Woodstock Georgia a Good Place to Live?

Is Woodstock Walkable? Is Woodstock Georgia a Good Place to Live?

Choosing where to live can be tricky. Woodstock, GA has a walk score of 38. This article will guide you through what makes Woodstock both challenging and rewarding to live in. Keep reading for insights from Lori Lane Real Estate on Woodstock's real estate scene.

Key Takeaways

  • Woodstock, Georgia has a walk score of 38, meaning most errands require a car. It's not very walkable or bike-friendly.
  • The city offers top public schools and various dining options, making it attractive for families.
  • Housing in Woodstock is robust with the median home price at $441,973 and rent averaging $1,519 per month.
  • John Wieland's South on Main is among some of the best neighborhoods to live in Woodstock due to safety and amenities.
  • Despite its low walkability score, Woodstock provides quality living with access to parks, educational institutions, and diverse housing choices.


Overview of Woodstock, GA

Photo Courtesy of JW Collection’s South on Main


Transitioning from our introduction to Woodstock, Georgia's real estate landscape, we now explore the essence of Woodstock itself. Nestled in Cherokee County within the expansive Atlanta metropolitan area, this city stands as a beacon for families and professionals alike.

With a population of 34,000 people and a median age of 37 years old, it embodies a vibrant community that balances suburban charm with access to urban amenities. The city's demographic fabric is diverse, fostering an inclusive environment for all residents.

Woodstock may not score high in walkability with its metrics indicating most errands necessitate a vehicle; however, it shines brightly in other aspects crucial for quality living.

The housing market here remains robust with the median home price hovering around $441,973 while rental options average at $1,519 per month. Ownership rates are commendable with 65% of homes being owner-occupied showcasing community stability.

Families treasure local educational institutions highly rated across various levels — from elementary through high school — ensuring children receive top-notch education close to home.

For adults and kids alike, Woodstock presents an array of dining experiences alongside convenient access to grocery stores and recreational parks making everyday life both enjoyable and practical.

The Neighborhoods of Woodstock

Woodstock, GA offers a variety of living areas for everyone. John Wieland and South on Main stand out as some of the top spots to call home.

Popular Zip codes

Popular zip codes in Woodstock, GA, like 30188 and 30189, stand out for their appeal to residents and potential homebuyers. This area showcases a variety of housing options and community features that cater to a wide range of preferences and needs.



Zip Code



Diverse housing, close to amenities


Family-friendly neighborhoods, access to parks



These zip codes not only highlight areas with great living conditions but also emphasize the strategic locations within Woodstock, offering both convenience and quality of life.


Best Neighborhoods - John Wieland, South on Main

From looking at popular zip codes, we now explore Woodstock's best neighborhoods. John Wieland's South on Main stands out as a top choice for many reasons.


  1. John Wieland Community: This area is famous for quality homes with modern designs. They offer plenty of space inside and outside.
  2. South on Main: Known as a highly desired neighborhood in Woodstock, GA, it combines comfort with convenience. Residents enjoy easy access to shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  3. Safety First: Both neighborhoods are known for their low crime rates, making them safe places to live and raise a family.
  4. Green Spaces Abound: Parks and recreational areas are plentiful here. Families love the outdoor activities available all year round.
  5. Strong Sense of Community: People living in these areas often talk about the strong sense of community. Events and gatherings are common, bringing neighbors together.
  6. Schools That Shine: These neighborhoods feed into some of the top schools in Woodstock, providing excellent education opportunities for children.
  7. Transit Made Easy: With close proximity to Interstate 575, commuting is easier for those working in or around Atlanta.
  8. Eco-Friendly Options: Electric-vehicle charging stations are popping up, showing commitment to environmental sustainability.
  9. Diverse Choices for Homes: Buyers can find a wide range of houses here, from large single-family homes to cozy condos and apartments.
  10. Connected Living: Fast internet connections ensure that residents stay connected with the world without interruptions.


The Walkability of Woodstock

Woodstock, GA has a walk score of 38 and a bike score of 25. This shows that getting around on foot or by bicycle can be tough. For most errands, you'll need to use a car. The town does have one bus stop served by the SRTA bus system, but public transit options are limited.

This makes Woodstock less pedestrian-friendly than some other places.

The town still offers several benefits for those who enjoy outdoor activities and convenience; there are 7 spots where you can charge electric vehicles. These have 12 level-2 charging stations in total.

Plus, Woodstock is home to many amenities like grocery stores, dining spots, and parks nearby. So, while walking may not be the easiest way to get around, residents have access to plenty of services and green spaces close at hand.

Quality of Life in Woodstock


Woodstock offers a high quality of life with great schools, parks, and food that makes it a top choice for families. Discover more about living in Woodstock today.


Woodstock Georgia Living Conditions

People enjoy living in Woodstock because of its safe and beautiful vibe. The town works hard to keep areas like the downtown lively with shops, cafes, places to eat, and bars. Homes here have a median price of $441,973 while renting costs about $1,519 a month.

This shows that while living in Woodstock isn't the cheapest option, it offers a high quality of life for those who choose to make it their home.

The population is diverse with a mix of white, Asian, Hispanic or Latino residents adding to the town's rich cultural fabric. Families appreciate this diversity along with good schools and plenty of activities for kids.

Getting around might require a car since Woodstock has low walk and bike scores at 38 and 25 respectively. However, residents find its charm and amenities worth the drive.


Demographics in Woodstock GA

Moving from living conditions, we shift our focus to the demographics of Woodstock, GA. This section paints a picture of who lives in Woodstock, highlighting population size, age distribution, income levels, and housing status. This information helps potential residents understand the community they might join.


Demographic Feature


Total Population


Median Age


Median Household Income


Median Individual Income


Owner-Occupied Homes


Average Household Size

2.5 members



This breakdown reveals Woodstock as a community with a solid median age, suggesting a mix of young families and experienced professionals. The income levels indicate a relatively comfortable lifestyle, supported by a strong housing market with a majority of homes being owner-occupied. The average household size points to both traditional and smaller families making their homes in the area. These demographics offer a snapshot of the vibrant, diverse population that calls Woodstock, GA home.


Transit Options in and around Woodstock, GA

Getting around Woodstock, GA, offers a mix of options though the city is not highly walkable. Public transport and other amenities help residents move about.


  1. Car Dependence: Most errands in Woodstock need a car because the walk score is 38. This means the town is designed more for driving than walking.
  2. Bus Services: The city has bus services provided by SRTA. There's one bus stop in Woodstock, making it a choice for some commuters.
  3. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: For those driving electric vehicles, there are 7 charging locations in Woodstock with 12 level-2 chargers. This makes it convenient for electric vehicle owners to find charging points.
  4. Bike Paths: Biking is another option, but with a bike score of 25, it indicates limited bike lanes and trails for cyclists.
  5. Rideshare Services: Residents often use rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, which are available in Woodstock for convenient short and long-distance trips.


These options show that while Woodstock leans towards car use, there are alternatives available for getting around town.

Amenities in Woodstock

Woodstock offers great places for families to have fun, like parks and museums. It also has good schools and fast internet for everyone.

Photo of Lake Allatoona | Beautiful Lake situated in Woodstock, Georgia. | Cherokee County


Activities for Kids in Woodstock

Kids in Woodstock have lots of options for fun. This town loves its young ones, offering everything from outdoor adventures to creative arts.

Photo Courtesy of

  1. Live concerts: Families can enjoy music together. Many events are free and happen throughout the year.
  2. Theaters: Offers family-friendly plays and musicals. It's a great way for kids to experience the arts.
  3. Art galleries: Encourage creativity by showing kids different styles of art.
  4. Lakes and rivers: Perfect spots for fishing, paddling, or just splashing around on a hot day.
  5. Parks: Woodstock boasts many parks with playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas.
  6. Trails: Ideal for biking or hiking as a family. Explore nature and get some exercise at the same time.
  7. Art classes: Local studios offer classes where kids can paint, draw, or sculpt.
  8. Sports leagues: Soccer, baseball, basketball, and more are available for all skill levels.


Woodstock keeps kids active and happy with these activities. There is something here for every child to love.


Schools in Woodstock, Georgia

After discussing activities for kids in Woodstock, it's essential to talk about schools. Woodstock has excellent educational institutions for children of all ages. These schools stand out due to their high ratings and commitment to student success. Here's what you need to know about the education scene in this area:


  1. Elementary Schools: In Woodstock, young learners get a solid start at schools like Little River Elementary, Carmel Elementary and Woodstock Elementary. Teachers focus on reading, writing, and math, making learning fun and engaging.
  2. Middle Schools: As kids grow older, they move on to middle schools such as Woodstock Middle and E.T. Booth Middle. These schools offer challenging courses that prepare students for high school and beyond.
  3. High Schools: For the teenagers, Woodstock High School and River Ridge High are known for their advanced placement courses and extracurricular activities. They also have strong sports programs, music, and arts.
  4. Public School Ratings: Many of Woodstock's public schools have received high marks for teaching quality and educational attainment. Students here often perform better than those in other parts of the state.
  5. Educational Programs: Special programs are available for gifted students or those needing extra help. There are also opportunities in technology, arts, and languages.
  6. Community Support: Parents play an active role in the education system here through PTA meetings and volunteer programs.


This list highlights why families find Woodstock an attractive place to live solely from an educational standpoint.


Internet Providers in Woodstock, Georgia

Woodstock, GA, offers residents a wide range of broadband options. These include fiber, ADSL, wireline, satellite, DOCSIS, and VDSL from 20 different providers. Notably, Comcast provides DOCSIS services allowing speeds up to 987 mbps.


Type of Connection


Top Speeds



Up to 1 Gbps









Up to 100 Mbps



Up to 987 Mbps






Options for internet in Woodstock cater to different needs, ensuring residents have reliable access for work, education, and entertainment.

Environmental Factors in Woodstock

Woodstock enjoys low noise levels, making it a peaceful place to live. The air quality in Woodstock is generally good, contributing to a healthier lifestyle.


Noise Levels

Areas with higher walk scores in Woodstock have louder noise levels. This means busy neighborhoods might get noisy. On the quiet side, places away from the main hustle are less noisy.

Knowing this helps residents and visitors find their preferred balance between convenience and calm.

The town has a walk score of 38 and a bike score of 25. Most errands need a car, limiting noise from foot traffic but increasing it from vehicles. Noise varies across different parts of Woodstock, impacting daily life for its people.


Air Quality

Woodstock, Georgia does not have specific information on air quality available. This makes it hard to say exactly how clean the air is in town. But living away from bigger cities can mean less pollution.

Trees and green spaces help keep the air fresh too.

Next, let's explore how these environmental factors influence life in Woodstock further.


Woodstock, Georgia boasts a vibrant community but isn't easy to navigate on foot, with a walk score of 38. You'll likely need a car for most errands due to its bike score of 25. Yet, this doesn't take away from Woodstock being an appealing place to live.

With top public schools and diverse dining options, it offers a strong quality of life. The city's proximity to Atlanta adds to its allure, making it the #1 choice in Cherokee County.

Living here means enjoying suburban comforts close to urban excitement, perfect for those seeking the best of both worlds.


1. Can I walk around Woodstock, Georgia easily?

Yes, Woodstock is walkable in many areas, especially near downtown where shops and restaurants are close together.

2. What kind of weather does Woodstock have?

Woodstock enjoys warm weather but can get muggy and rainy at times.

3. Is it safe to live in Woodstock, GA?

Woodstock is known for being a safe place with friendly neighborhoods.

4. Are there good places to eat in Woodstock?

Absolutely! You'll find delicious southern cooking along with a variety of other cuisines in Woodstock.

5. What should I know about moving to Woodstock?

Consider checking the multiple listing service or contacting a realtor to find your perfect home in this welcoming community.

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